Our Technology

We have always aimed for innovation and respected knowledge, so it is only natural that a part of our team works in the Technology sphere. As a partner to IBM we work on developing new technologies in the design and production of microchips. We do research on electrical filters and microelectromechanical systems for which we cooperate closely with academics from Bulgaria and abroad. We publish articles on our findings, attend conferences and take part in European projects.



We carry out intensive research for the design of high stable, high accuracy filters based on Film Bulk Acoustic Resonators (FBAR). We own patents for:

  • United States Patent № US 8,686,788 B2/April 01, 2014
  • Korean Patent № 10-1366065/February 17, 2014

The filter structure has the following properties:

  • The circuit consists of resonators and amplifiers;
  • A smaller number of resonators used compared to the existing FBAR filter structures
    with similar selectivity;
  • Easier adjustment of filter pass-band through the use of amplifier parameters;
  • Ability to create and tune in wide frequency range of transmission zeros in the filter
    stop-band by varying the amplifier parameters only;
  • Moderate requirements concerning amplifiers since they are not involved in feedbacks.

The area of application of the new filter is in the analog front end of RF transceivers.


MEMS, or micro-electro-mechanical-systems, are tiny devices often made from silicon, utilizing processes similar to those used for semiconductor chip production. The primary difference is that a MEMS device usually has a mechanical actuating element, such as cantilever, tilting micro-mirror, or moving membrane.

The MEMS design is a natural extension of our expertise in the area of electronic design automation (EDA) and microelectronics. We identified it as a strategic area for development in 2006. Since then we have established partnership with the two leading universities in Bulgaria: Technical University of Sofia and Sofia University. Our team of highly qualified engineers is working in the field of MEMS design, modeling and characterization.

Since the complex, precise MEMS product development requires more than a clean room, processing equipment and skilled operators, modeling tools are used to simulate the design performance before fabrication expenses are incurred.

Our domain knowledge and skills include:

  • MathWorks Matlab
  • Cadence IC (Virtuoso, Spectre, Assura)
  • Verilog-A modeling