About us


The Team has always been the heart of the company and is therefore our biggest investment and achievement.
We are driven forward by an idea of quality and although we understand the idealistic nature of this statement, we believe this is the only way forward. Our commitment is to be a competent and trustful partner and we aim at professional excellence. At Smartcom we appreciate creativity and devotion, we encourage initiative and sharing, and above all we respect knowledge and experience.
We believe that quality is not an accident, but rather the result of everyday team effort, so we work hard to bring quality solutions and services to our customers and partners. Our promise for quality and value lies in a personalized approach that is specifically tailored for every different project based on the individual goals and requirements of the client. We implemented a quality management system in 1999 to ensure that we deliver consistent high quality. The system has been further developed over the next years to include environmental, health and safety and information security management and is certified under the international standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 27001:2013.


Smartcom has had a rich history of working only with the top of technological developments while holding true to the ambition that started it all back in 1990.
Smartcom was originally established in 1990 as ProCom by five unorthodox and creative graduates of the Technical University of Sofia – Peter, Buen, Ivan, Rumen and Valentin. Their ambition was both simple and very hard to achieve: they wanted to take the technology of the future from academia and introduce it to Bulgaria and to the world.
Initially ProCom designed, manufactured and traded with crystal filters which, at the time, were the latest shout in professional networks. In 1994, the groundbreaking technology of DSL was discovered and our team was among the first in Europe to recognize the significance of DSL technology for the networks of the future. So after ordering a pair of modems straight from PairGain we ventured into the pioneering sphere of DSL system integration. Later on, our team was largely occupied with the development of DSLAM/Grooming Mux for PairGain targeting the replacement of legacy X.21 networks across South America.
In the past decade newer technologies have emerged and we have shifted our focus on the development of a new family of products that operate optical technologies so we can keep creating the networks of the future.


Our team currently specializes in three main areas: system integration services and communications solutions for clients, development of our own line of products, and as a partner to IBM, working on new microchip technologies.


We aim to be the preferred telecommunications system integrator in the Balkans and EMEA.
We work hard to be recognized as providing the best-in-class professional services and we seek to extend our knowledge, skills, and experience. It is our professional goal to care for our clients and partners as much as for the environment.


At Smartcom we are always happy to welcome new talented and innovative individuals. To apply please send a cover letter and a CV to jobs@smartcom.bg.
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